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Any information on cemeteries in southern Illinois counties that you would like to share? If so please e-mail.

Bethlehem Cemetery . . . Williamson County, photo and inventory

Community Cemetery . . . Williamson County, relocated during construction of Crab Orchard Lake,by Pat Barnett

Crossroad Cemetery . . . Williamson County, partial inventory.

Fountain Church Cemetery. . . Williamson County, photo and complete inventory (over 600 names) by Arba L. Hudgens

Freedom Church Cemetery. . . Williamson County, complete inventory (554 names) provided by Pat Barnett

Goodall Cemetery . . . Williamson County, provided by Pat Barnett

Maneese Cemetery . . . Williamson County , inventory

McCown Cemetery . . . Near Carterville IL, Williamson County, provided by Pat Barnett

Norman Cemetery . . .Williamson County, photo and inventory

Worley Cemetery . . . Williamson County, photo and inventory

Cemetery Listings on the Internet . . Steve has Illinois, other states and countries listed, a comprehensive site.

US GenWeb Transcription Project . . All states listed with many cemeteries. Everyones support is needed in this effort.

Tombstone Rubbings . . . informative "how to" site.

Have you seen a tombstone which shows the date of death and the age in years, months & days? This convention was often used in the 1800s and early 1900s. Try the Birth Date Conversion Tool.

Use the Cemetery Surname Index Database, this feature was added on July 19, 1998.

Day of the Week Calculator, what day of the week were you or your ancestors born?