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Goodall Cemetery

By Pat Barnett

Goodall Cemetery--go south from Boyton Street on the Old Creal Springs Rd.
to Golf Course Rd. Intersection. Turn left. Go about 1/2 mi. Cemetery is on
the left.

Reese, Addison                            died 7-30-1887  age 78yrs 2mos 22dys
Reese, Esther wife of Addison	          died 2-1872
Reese, Susan wife of Addison	          can't make out anything else
Pulley, John Henry	born 7-2-1850     died10-3-1850  son of J.D. & N.Pulley
Pulley, Annetti		born 5-20-1856    died 5-31-1856 dau of J.D. & N.Pulley
Goodall, Sarah Ann      born 2-1830       died 8-10-1847 dau of J. & N.
Goodall, James R.                         died 7-19-1854
Goodall, Joab           born 9-15-180?    died 10-13-1854
Goodall, Nancy wife of Joab               died 8-29-1877   71 yrs 5mos  17dys
Baysinger, Geo. W.                        died 1865?       33yrs  1mo  11 days
Goodall, Nancy A. wife of W.P.?           cant make out anything else
P------                                   died 7-3?-1856   1yr  11mos  12 days
Goodall, H.  		born 4-26-1834    died 7-15-1849   son of J & N.
Louisa wife of James
Reese, Nancy M. 	1869

The stones here are in really bad shape. Most are broken in more than a few
pieces. This is a very small, very old cemetery.

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