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McCown Cemetery

By Pat Barnett

Located in Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, Williamson County, Illinois

Council?, Martha A.		9-187?		12-28-1885?
Barth, Hattie A. 8-28-1894? wife Of John W.
Bevard,? ? ?
Cagle, Infant 1915 son of C.F. & Roxie
Cannedy, M.A. 7-1845 4-12-1938
Carmichael, Hattie 9-1890 Dau. of Ira G. & Luella
Chamness, C.R. 3-11-1852 12-8-1919 wife of J.C.
*Chamness, G.B. 11-11-1893 age 46 yr 2mo 15d
*On the bottom of the front of the stone it says "Berry"
*Chamness, J.C. 4-24-1907 age 57yr 4mo 19d
*A minister of the Gospel on the front of this one.
*Chamness, Paul one record said Pauline as far as I could tell it was Paul.
9-24-1891 2yr 1mo 26d Conner, William F. 4-1888 Son of R. & S.A.
Donahoo, J.J. 8-4-1906 57yr 4mo
Donahoo, William 8-20-1876 son of A & E 17yr
Gulley, Ethel 1890 1971
Gulley, Joseph L. 1-1930 ILL. Pvt. Remount QMC 1-20-1930
Gulley, Thomas R. 1887 1937
Harris, Serena wife of J.B. Harris, former widow of G.B. Chamness
10-5-1908 59y 4mo 22d
Impson, Elza M. 7-5-1887 Dau of J.F. & S.I. 4mo 12d
Impson, James H. 19yr 5mo 20d 4-11-1878 son of John & Ann
Impson, John 1-27-1866 51yr 6mo
*Impson, John F. 9-9-1846 8-2-1914 *0r 1921 other sources said 1914, but I read 1921
Impson, John L. 6-22-1891 son of T.N. & Sarah 21yr 4mo 27d
Impson, Momma 12-1906 or 1925 wife of John 92yr 4mo 27d
Impson, Sarah 9-22-1906 wife of T.N. 62yr 1mo 17d
Impson, Sarah I. 2-26-1837 wife of J.F. 30yr 11mo 7d
Impson, Thomas N. 3-28-1910 71yr
Impson, Samuel M. 11-13-1848 6-11-1914
McCown, Harriet A. 1874 1892
Miller, Elizabeth 10-11-1874? wife of Peter Miller
Miller, Peter 7-1-1901 78yr 8mo 3d
Nelson, Albert 1865 1866
Nelson, Flora 1880 1881
Nelson, Giles 1878 1961
Nelson, James H. 1839 1935
*Nelson, John R. ? Artificer Co. G 9 IL Inf Sp. Am. War
*not a type o, it did not say officer Nelson, John R. 1881 1929
Nelson, Lydia J. 1889 1917
Nelson, Martin 1901 1933
Nelson, Martin ? Co. D 28 IL INF
Nelson, Melissa 4-10-1864 wife of M. Nelson
Nelson, Noah 1859 1880
Nelson, Sarah 1836 1900
Nelson, Virginia 1829 1901
*Robinson, Bill 33yr ?
*Robinson, Stella 2yr
*Robinson, Nettie 1yr
*These above three names where all on the same stone
Robinson, Gennie ? ?
Robinson, Allen ? ?
Samuel, Minnie E. 12-4-1895 wife of I.M. 25yr 9d
Schultz, Hobson W. 1898 1931 Pvt 1st class 2M.Corps Miscl
Schultz, Mary 5-8-1908 his wife
Sisney, Sidney T. 9-1875 5-13-1881
Smith, Thomas 1-12-1888
Tippy, (G)Edwin S. 3-18-1880 son of W.W. & M.A.
*Tippy, Sarah 4-11-1880 wife of L.B.39yr 5mo 29d
*I think Sarah Tippy may have been an Impson. Her stone was in a line with the other Impson's and was identical in appearence.
Watkins, Caroline 2-1881 wife of Ira Watkins 50 yrs

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