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Census Index


KY 1820 - IN 1820 -TN 1830- IL 1830-1840

Bowles/Boles surnames and variant sp. starting with letters BO



Last Name, First Name - County abbreviation - Sheet or page number from census film - Township if listed


State of Kentucky 1820 Census Index

Boles, Fulton- Camp -019
Boles, Henery- Camp -019
Boles, J. -Merc- 087
Boles, John- Merc- 086
Boles, John -Camp- 017
Boles, John -Unio- 149- Morgan
Boles, Lucy- Harl- 102
Boles, Robert -Harr- 154
Boles, Thomas -Cumb -151
Boles, William- Clay- 117

Boil, Hugh -Simp -009

Boiles, James -Gray- 130

Bojls, Mary -Madi- 136

Bolls, Austin -Chri- 044

Bool, William- Wood- 116

Booles, James- Chri- 045

Bowles, Alley- Wash- 030
Bowles, Daniel -Bour- 114
Bowles, Hannah -Bour- 086
Bowles, Hugh -Bour- 086
Bowles, John -Loga- 047 -Russel
Bowles, John -Barr- 005
Bowles, Mary Monr 201
Bowles, Nathan N.- Barr- 004
Bowles, Nelson -Bour- 086
Bowles, Polly -Wash- 082
Bowles, Robert -Bour- 086
Bowles, Robert- Bour- 114
Bowles, Stephen -Bour- 068
Bowles, Thomas -Bour- 092
Bowles, Thomas -Shel- 129
Bowles, Walter -Scot- 106
Bowles, William- Monr- 201
Bowles, William -Bour- 126
Bowles, William -Barr- 002

Bowless, Thomas- Warr- 034

Bowls, Jesse -Bour- 086
Bowls, Thomas R. -Bour- 080
Bowls, William Esti -054 -Ravena
Bowls, William- Wash- 046

Boyes, John Jr-. Madi- 164

Boyl, Margaret- Nels- 208

Boyle, Alexander- Garr- 093
Boyle, David- Todd- 128
Boyle, Edward- Wood -113
Boyle, Henry- Bull- 188
Boyle, James- Monr- 211
Boyle, James -Mont- 291
Boyle, John -Loga- 043- Russel
Boyle, John -Flem- 026
Boyle, John -Unio- 146- Morgan
Boyle, John Jr.- Garr- 117
Boyle, John Judge- Merc- 088


State of Indiana 1820 Census Index

Boils, James H.-Vand-178-Armstrong
Bois, Allen-Dear-071-Laughery
Bois, John-Dear-115-Manchest
Bole, Thomas-Wash-217
Boles, Edmund-Sjll-130
Boles, Ephriam-Wayn-158
Boles, John-Pose-314-Smith
Boles, William-Scot-161
Bolesby, Enos-Fran-200-Bath
Bolesby, Levi-Fran-200-Bath

Bouls, John-Gibs-242

Bowe, William-Wayn-160

Bowel, Bazil-Clar-018-Charles

Bowell, John-Clar-020-Charles

Bowle, Isaac-Wash-220

Bowles, David-Rand-325-Wayne

Bowls, Robert-Lawr-105-Decker

Boyle, James-Warr-146
Boyle, James-Dear-057-Randolph

Boyles, Archibald-Dela-025
Boyles, William-Sull-128

Boyls, David-Perr-148

Boys, Abraham-Faye-056-Columbia



State of Tennessee 1830 Census Index

Boiles, Joseph-Warr-355

Boils, Isabella-Hard-363
Boils, John-Grai-383

Bois, John-Bedf-099

Boles, Ann-Carr-176
Boles, J.-Shel-013
Boles, James-Jack-121
Boles, Robert Sr.-Hayw-441
Boles, Sampson-Dick-324
Boles, Wilson-Maur-419
Boles, Young-Maur-394

Boley, James-Davi-207

Bolk, John-Ruth-282

Boll, David-Wils-115
Boll, William-Gile-163
Bolles, Elizabeth-Gree-186
Bolles, Jacob- Gree-186



Bolls, James-Hayw-441
Bolls- John W.-Hayw-433
Bolls, Robert Jr.-Hayw-441
Bolls, Thomas-Davi-216

Bowl, Ureanshe-Tipt-282

Bowles, Alexander-Jack-122
Bowles, James-Over-205
Bowles, John-Over-184
Bowles, John M.-Warr-307
Bowles, Martin-Clai-123
Bowles, Robert-Fent-016
Bowles, Sarah-Clai-123

Bowls, Henry T.- Will-258
Bowls, Thomas-Gile-134

Boyle, Joseph H.-Warr-317
Boyle, Samuel-Gree-233

Boyles, Archibald-Gree-234
Boyles, Barnabus-Linc-204
Boyles, Charles-Linc-221
Boyles, Elijah-Gree-223
Boyles, George-Gree-180
Boyles, Jacob-Gree-213
Boyles, Jacob-Gree-235
Boyles, James-Sumn-142
Boyles, John-Gree-180
Boyles, Mary-Gree-234
Boyles, Milse-Henr-007
Boyles, Nancy-Knox-372
Boyles, Samuel-Monr-087
Boyles, Samuel P.-Monr-080
Boyles, Solomon-Gree-223
Boyles, Stephen-Gree-234
Boyles, William-Linc-180

Boyless, Hezekiah Esq.-Wash-207

Boyliss, Smith-Henr-006

Boyls, John-Sumn-165
Boyls, WIlliam-Perr-221


State of Illinois 1830 Census Index

Boles, Fulton-Wash-188
Boles, John-Jo D-309
Boles, Robin-Clin-108
Boles, Swansey-Fran-114

Bowles. Holman-Adam-282-Quincy
Bowles, Jeffey-Adam-282-Quincy
Bowles, Stephen-Madi-200

Bowly, Pleasant-Fran-112

Boyle, James-Gree-040
Boyle, Joseph-Gree-041
Boyle, William-Mari-203

Boyles, David-Taze-163


State of Illinois 1840 Census Index

Boiles, Henry-Pope-174

Boles, Falkin-St C-284
Boles, Henry H.-Morg-452
Boles, Isaac-Sang-072
Boles, John-Jo D-373-E Park
Boles, Samuel-Faye-158-Western
Boles, Thomas-Edga-086
Boles, Thomas-Cole-187
Boles, Volentine-Sang-063

Boll, Daniel H.-Deka-004

Bowl, Michael-St C-321

Bowles, Anderson-De W-031
Bowles, Austin-Madi-107-D/O?mph Gen
Bowles, Holman-Adam-038-Quincy
Bowles, Hughes-De W-016
Bowles, James-Faye-160-Western
Bowles, John-Madi-103-Ridge Pr
Bowles, Joseph-De W-031
Bowles, Robert-Faye-160-Western
Bowles, Swany-Wmsn-395
Bowles, Thomas-Mena-291
Bowles, Walter-De W-015

Bowls, James-Wayn-249
Bowls, Joseph-Morg-445
Bowls, Mrs.-Will-354-Lockport



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